Cordless Core EZ Kit

Part Number: US28005

U.S.SAWS Core EZ offers a new way of core drilling. The entire unit and a selection of bits fit into a wheeled case that weighs under 50 pounds. The Core EZ drills holes from 3 into 10 in with ease. The Core EZ is mounted on a central guide shaft rigidly anchored to the wall that will easily hold a person’s weight. Having the system’s anchor in the middle of the hole eliminates damage to the wall. The system holds the core when drilling vertically and pushes the core out when drilling is completed. The bit walls do not wear out and thin segments can be used. Core EZ also makes it also easier to drill off scaffolds, and in confined spaces.

Kit Includes: Cordless Core EZ includes: Gearbox, 36v Battery Operated Metabo 36LTX Grinder, 2 Batteries, Battery Charger, Wheeled Carrying Case.


Part Number: US28000

The U.S.SAWS Core EZ Core® makes core drilling easy by utilizing standard 110 V power. The Core EZ® is lightweight, portable, and easy to use. The system is designed with an anchor bolt and guide post to allow faster, cleaner cutting in close quarters and prevents damage to the surface being drilled.

The Core EZ Core Mate® bits have an open back design with special adapters for use with any traditional 1-1/4” threaded adapter, meaning full compatibility with your existing drilling machine.

Core EZ System includes: grinder, gear box, shafts, drill attachments, and a wheeled carry case.

Premium Core Bits for the Core EZ

Premium core bits for use with the Core EZ coring system from U.S.SAWS. These bits are designed for advanced coring for use in concrete, brick, and block. (coreezbits)

Available in a variety of sizes: 3″- three inch to 10″ – ten inches.

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