VSG-10 Stand Up Variable Speed Grinder

115V Variable Speed Grinder/Polisher (0 – 1,900 rpm)
Part Number: SX61000

The U.S.SAWS VSG-10 (Variable Speed Grinder) is an easy to use, concrete floor grinding and concrete floor polishing machine that will prep concrete surfaces in areas that cannot be accessed by larger equipment. This concrete floor grinder and polishing tool is excellent for both large and small jobs sites. On larger projects, this machine works great as an edger or for accessing areas where your bigger equipment won’t fit. A 2-3 car garage or basement can be prepped or polished quickly because of the VSG-10’s high speed. This concrete grinder has excellent coating removal capabilities when used with PCD segments. The grinding plate accepts 3 or 6 “Fast Change” diamonds are available in a variety of bonds and grits. With the velcro resin holders, any 3″ resin, ceramic or hybrid tooling will work. Two people can easily lift this floor grinder up or down a flight of stairs and the 115V motor makes finding a power supply easy.

TC-7 Stand-Up Edger Polishing Package

Part Number: SX67000-PKG

The most innovative concrete floor grinder on the market, the TC-7 Stand-Up Edger became a designe to give the operator the handheld feel of the concrete grinder in his hands while maintaining a comfortable upright position. Control levers allow the operator to adjust the stand-up grinder pitch for complete control. The TC-7 Stand Up Edger Polishing Package comes equipped with a Metabo 24-230, dust shroud, variable speed control and polishing tooling kit. The polishing tool kit includes: variable speed control box, #120 Bi-Turbo, Steel Backing Pad, #50-#3000 Honeycomb resin pads and E&F Nuts.