The correlating sensors from GUTERMANN are arguably the most advanced, robust and best performing on the market. They record the sound frequency spectrum and allow to correlate between the different loggers in the kit. You can (i) avoid false positives by filtering out non-leak noise sources, and (ii) pinpoint the exact location of leaks using correlation and cross-correlation techniques between loggers.

There are three standard applications for the correlating sensors:

Lift & Shift mode to find quiet leaks or perform sectoral overnight leakage surveys to log the constant ambient noise levels and identify and pinpoint leaks
Drive-by mode for permanent or periodical deployment and daily to weekly collection of the data in a drive-by survey
On-site leak detection during the day without logging noise levels but with correlation and automated spectrum analysis for effective leak pinpointing (mainly MULTISCAN)
As a popular option for customers, users can choose to upload – by the push of a button in the Android app – their measurements including geospatial information to their personal GUTERMANN CLOUD account for permanent storage and remote analysis.

ZONESCAN 820 – Correlating Radio Loggers

Multi-Point Correlator