Correlators by FAST Groupe

LOKAL 400 Correlators

The brilliant combination of geophone and correlator that is extremely quick data provision thanks to 6-core processor. Two-2 functions in one unit: acoustic leakage detection and correlation. Automatic or manual measurement, easy-to-understand display and easy operation due to large colour touch-display

-Prelocating with test rod, universal accelerometer or MB 6 accelerometer
-Installation of transmitter MB 6 and sensors on prelocated connection spots
-Three-3-point-FFT-correlation possible with third MB 6 (yellow)
-Confirming and pinpointing the leakage with ground microphone or universal accelerometer


Sensor Adapter
Headphone Adapter
Sensor Adapter with Pre-amplification
Test Rod with Extensions
Reset Dongle
MB 6 Blue
MB 6 Red
MB 6 Yellow
MB 6 Accelerometer
Wind Protected Ground Microphone
Universal Accelerometer
Charging Accessories
Transport Case
Latest Software

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