DeWalt Sewer Buddy Assembly

Product: US26550

The Sewer Buddy is an all-in-one solution to working with sewer pipe. Cut and then bevel your pipe faster than would be possible with simple hand tools. Its compact size ensures that it will be useful at any site, big or small.

Bevel Buddy

Product: US26559

Cut and bevel PCV pipe with one tool! The Bevel Buddy is the Solution for prepping Sewer Pipe.

US Saws Blade List – Best Deals..

*APB – Tiger Tooth Blades
*Tiger Tooth Blades
*Tiger Tooth Ductile Iron Blades
*APA – Tiger Tooth II Blades
*LCS – Black OPS Blades
*GPL – The Lieutenant Blades
*PGP – Premium General Purpose Blades
*STA – Colonel Concrete Blades
*PXX – Premium Dos Seggie Blades
*DXX – Dos Seggie Blades
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US Saws Chains

*IC531743 ProFORCE Diamond Chain – 10 in (Fits 10″ Guide Bar)
*IC71400 12″ TwinMAX 29 Segment Concrete Diamond Chain (Fits 12″ Guide Bar)
*IC71486 14″ TwinMAX 32 Segment General Purpose Diamond Chain (Fits 14″ Guidebar)
*APB15/16CS PowerGrit Ductile Iron Chain (Fits 15″ and 16″ Guide Bars)
*IC525342 16″ ProForce Concrete Diamond Chain
*APB20CS PowerGrit Ductile Iron Chain (Fits 20″ Guide Bars)
*IC531749 ProForce Diamond Chain (Fits 20″ Bar)
*APB25CS 25″ PowerGrit Ductile Iron Chain (Fits 25″ Bar)
*IC525345 20″ ProForce Diamond Chain designed for cutting concrete. Fits 20″ Guide Bars.

US Saws Bevels and Assembly’s

*US24050 16-Sixteen Flute Husqvarna Beveller Assembly
*US24051 16-Sixteen Flute Stihl Beveller Assembly
*US24032 16-Sixteen Flute Right Angle Grinder Beveller 5/8-11
*US24066 NEW 8 Flute 2019 Husqvarna Beveller Assembly
*US24061 8-Eight Flute Stihl Beveller Assembly
*US24060 8-Eight Flute Husqvarna Beveller Assembly
*US24045 3-Three Flute PVC Beveller Assembly
*US24041 3-Three Flute Stihl Beveller Assembly
*US24040 3-Three Flute Husqvarna Beveller Assembly

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