Dielectric by SPX

The Dielectric range of products is designed for dry air pressurization. With over 60 years experience, the Dielectric Range has refined its technology to provide the most trouble-free and environmentally friendly dryers available.

Dielectric Technologies supplies dehydrators for use in telecommunications, military applications, shipboard environments, and numerous other special purpose designs, including twin tower industrial DRY-PAKTM dryers designed as point-of-use dryers for industrial applications. Other applications include pressurization of coaxial and waveguide broadcast and microwave systems.

The range of products for cable pressurization include a complete line of heatless air dryers with capacities to 30,000 SCFD, central office manifolds and distribu

tion manifolds. In addition, supplying rack / panel systems using world class panels and the 800 or the 55X Series flow tranducers, fully assembled to customer specifications and ready-to-install.

The product range expanded through the acquisition of Mark Products in 1999 adding the ‘Smooth Flow’ air monitoring gauges and products to complement the existing product portfolio.

Air Dryers and Automatic Transfer Systems
Dielectric Technologies offers air dryers in a wide range of capacities and types to fit your specific needs.



Central-Office Panels and Manifolds
Dielectric manufacturers distribution panels for air pipe support systems and for direct cable connection.



Outside-Plant Transducers, Manifolds, and Junction Boxes
500 Series Flow Transducers products are the standard for remote monitoring of cable pressurization systems.