gCAT-4 Locator

gCAT4 Locator
The new Radiodetection gCAT4+ Cable Locator is the top of the range model, building on the functionality of the eCAT4+ with included SWING Warning, Data Acquisition, StrikeAlert, GPS tracking and Depth Estimation.

Radiodetection’s CAT4 series is designed to find buried utilities faster. The CAT4 Avoidance Mode allows the user check an intended excavation area for Power, Radio and Genny signals, finding located utilities in a single scan and allowing you to gauge the depth of buried utilities with the gCAT4+ model.

The gCAT4+ has its own memory to store more than a year’s worth of key measurements and operation modes. The GPS receiver provides positional data logging every second to show where the operator was working and this information can then be exported in CSV, XLS or KML file types and used with map services such as Google Earth.

The included SWING Warning warns the operator of incorrect usage, reducing the risk of cable strikes and storing this information in the data log for further analysis.

Pair this CAT with the Genny4 to boost the signal and further enhance cable location to work over more distance and depth.

*Built in GPS
*Data Logging
*SWING Warning
*Service Due Indicator
*Bluetooth (future use)
*Depth Estimation