GENNY-4 Transmitter

GENNY4 Transmitter
The new Radiodetection Genny4 provides a class-first simultaneous dual-frequency signal output design and comes with a new integrated logic design. Paired together with the CAT4 in generator mode, the Genny4 further enhances detection of any buried pipes or cables. Besides the usual 33KHz locate signal, the new Genny4 introduces a second frequency to help locate smaller diameter cables such as telecoms and street lighting, making your job easier.

When you find yourself dealing with much more demanding locates, the new signal boost function increases the output signal by up to 10 times and allows the signal to travel further and deeper to detect the utilities with ease. The internal storage case beneath the generator holds the connection cables and clips provided and is also an ideal place for additional accessories such as the signal clamp, sonde or a live plug connector. The Genny4 has full back-compatibility, meaning Genny3 accessories will work with this newer model.

*12 Month Warranty
*Batteries – x4 LR20 1.5V Alkaline
*Accessory Storage Tray
*Accessory Connection Socket e.g. Signal Clamp