High sensitivity sensor with Neodymium magnet (extra strong). Sensor and cable connection completely sealed and water-proof (submersible).

Amplifier with superior audio quality (very low distortion and superior signal-to-noise ratio) and large meter display. Press the Mute Switch to hear sounds when you are ready.

“Survey” for water leaks by listening at hydrants and valves with the sensor and magnet. Survey at water meters with a Long Contact Rod (optional).

“Pinpoint” water leaks in pipes under asphalt or concrete with the base plate attached to the sensor and magnet.

Use the High filter range for water leak surveying. Use the Low filter range for water leak pinpointing. High frequency leak sounds travel on the pipes, but only low frequencies pass through the soil.

5-Year Warranty…

SubSurface Leak Detection, Inc. is pleased to extend the limited warranty for the LD-15 Professional’s Leak Survey Instrument to sixty (60) months total from the date of purchase by the end user. SubSurface Leak Detection Inc. will repair or replace any component part, or the entire LD-15 Professional’s Leak Survey Instrument if necessary, for any failures, operating problems, or malfunctions that occur during ordinary use or handling that is in accordance with the operating instructions and the product specifications