Listening Devices by FAST Groupe


Intelligent geophone for the search for water leakages that is simple and reliable guidance to the leak. Tripple function acoustic or tracer gas-driven leak and pipe detection with 256 free selectable filters. Leakage profile is recordable as a file and dowloaded to your PC. Color touch screen run by “C” batteries.

-Prelocating with a testrod or with universal accelerometer
-Pinpointing with ground pick-up or universal accelerometer
-Pinpointing with tracer gas and the H2 probes
-Searching the pipe with the PWG


Test Rod with Extensions
Wind Protected Ground Microphone
Universal Accelerometer with Handle
Universal Accelerometer
Tripod with Magnets
H2-Bell Probe
H2-Hand Probe
Bluetooth Dongle for PipeMic
Transport Case