Pipeline and Sewer Inspection

Pearpoint provide a wide array of Pushrod and Crawler pipeline inspection systems. These range from the intrinsically safe crawler system suitable for Zone 0 explosive environments to the compact and rugged P340 flexiprobe, which offers interchangeable cameras, sharp digital images and in-built compact flash card video recorder.







P340 Flexiprobe

Pearpoint’s P340 flexiprobe Pushrod Sewer Camera Systems can be used in a range of pipe inspection application from domestic to industrial.

At the heart of the P340 flexiprobe system are the ruggediz…









P350 Flexitrax – Modular Crawler System

The P350 flexitrax crawler system offers features the simplicity and ease of transport of a pushrod while delivering the functionality and performance associated with crawler systems.









P350 Van Integration

Customized, ergonomic and comfortable vehicles equipped with Pearpoint Pipeline Inspection systems and designed around individual requirements.

Pearpoint has considerable experience with equipped vehicles that work.

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