Pipeline Integrity

Pipeline integrity and Corrosion Control

The integrity of buried pipelines is of paramount importance for safety, environmental and cost reasons. Radiodetection provides a range of Pipeline Integrity products such as Pipeline Current Mappers, for identifying and locating weaknesses in pipeline coatings, and Smart Interrupters, to enable surveys of pipelines using Cathodic Protection Systems.

PCMx System

Radiodetection’s PCMx system enables corrosion and Cathodic Protection System (CPS) professionals to evaluate the condition and effectiveness of pipeline coatings. Users can locate faults and holidays in the coatings, and identify shorts caused by contact to other structures. Our portable 25W transmitter represents a major advance in portability and usability.

PCMx enables pipeline managers to identify and prioritise preventative maintenance on pipelines; extending asset life by identifying possible sources of corrosion at an early stage.



SCM Stray Current Mapper

The Stray Current Mapper (SCM) is a safe and cost-effective way of mapping the magnitude and direction of stray current interference on a pipeline. These are usually caused by third party cathodic protection systems (static interference currents) or DC electrified rail systems (dynamic interference currents).

Most metal pipes have a protective coating to help prevent against the onset of corrosion. When these coatings are damaged a destructive chemical reaction occurs at the point of the defect, this causes current to flow from the pipe to the ground. This current and any other forced onto the pipeline from a foreign source is known as stray current, and significantly contributes to the corrosion process. The SCM allows you to completely map and accurately pinpoint from above ground (without connection to the pipeline) the area where current discharge is taking place (usually coating defects).




SI 50 and SI 100 Smart Interrupters

SI 50 and SI 100 are Solid State Cathodic Protection Interrupters for pipeline technicians.

Smart Interrupters can be used to modulate the Cathodic Protection (CP) signal to aid identification of stray currents, as well as enabling the location of coating defects along the pipeline. Radiodetection’s SI 50 and SI 100 feature high current switching capability, with circuit protection and user programmability.