PipeMic “M” by FAST Groupe

PipeMic M

Internal Pipe Microphone for precise water leakage detection. Locates leakages with unprecedented precision by inserting the pipe mic directly into the pipe. Designed for home connections and small distribution lines. An amazing water leak locator.

Available with up to 30-feet of cable that has a 3-in-1 function..

1) Acoustic leakage detection.. Hear the leak in real time.
2) Pipe detection.. Locate the pipe by adding a frequency on the line with any pipe locator
3) End detection.. Locate the leak by an end sonde on the pipe mic.


*Bluetooth speaker
*Pipe locator (different models available)
*Banana cable for connecting PipeMic with pipe locator
*Hose piece
*45° T-piece, 190 mm, suits for water meter space
*Insertion guide
*Desinfection liquid
*Bluetooth-Dongle for Aqua M300bluetooth dongle pipemic
*GK-couplers with inner and outer thread
*9V battery
*Charging accessories
*Accessory case
*Free local training

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