Cable and Pipe Locator Range

Each Radiodetection cable locator is designed to provide the best locate performance for damage prevention professionals working in all industries and utilities.

The Precision Locate range of underground utility locators comprises: the fully-featured, multi-function RD8200 cable and pipe locator; the utility-specific RD7200 locator, the innovative RD8100MRx locators that combine the ability to find buried Markers with finding underground cables and pipes; and the RD8200G pipe locator for mapping the sewer, water, electric, communication and gas industries. These locators must be used with our signal transmitters, TX-5 and TX-10, to achieve full performance. Plastic pipes, frequently used to carry water or gas, can be found by using our range of transmitting Sondes.

Built on over 40 years of underground cable and pipe locator innovation, our precision-manufactured antennas and advanced digital processing enable operators to accurately detect even the extremely small signals associated with difficult to locate underground utilities. These flagship products replace our extremely popular RD8100, RD7100 and RD5000 ranges of cable and pipe locators.

Radiodetection is part of SPX Corporation.

Founded in 1970, Radiodetection is headquartered in Bristol, UK, with worldwide sales, service and support achieved through a network of sales channels across the globe. Our product range includes tools for damage prevention to buried services; powerful video systems for pipeline inspection; high-performance dehydrators and cable-test products for telecoms; and our solid-state sensors business.

Damage Prevention

Damaging buried utilities can be dangerous very expensive. Utility owners around the world rely on Radiodetection products to keep their assets safe. Radiodetection offers two ranges of cable and pipe locating tools to reflect the range of legislation and best-practice in different countries.

Precision Locators

The RD7200 and RD8200 ranges of precision locators are designed to be used to accurately locate a wide range of buried utilities in a wide range of situations. The professional instruments represent the culmination of Radiodetection’s experience in the design and manufacture of locators.

Cable Avoidance Tools

In many countries, excavators need an easy-to-use but powerful tool to avoid cable strikes. Radiodetection pioneered the Cable Avoidance Tools (C.A.T®) to prevent accidental damage to underground services when excavating.

Pipeline Inspection

Our pipeline inspection brand, Pearpoint, offers down-hole inspection products featuring the latest digital CCTV to enable water companies to perform regular inspection and maintenance, troubleshooting and repairing sewer and other pipes in difficult environments.


Our Dielectric brand provides a range of dehydrator products for installation in telephone exchanges to maintain cable health. Radiodetection’s Cable Test (TDR) products quickly locate problems, such as breaks or deteriorating insulation, in coaxial, twisted pair, and power cabling.

Solid-State Sensors

Our Warren-GV products are premier airflow and temperature sensors and timing relays.

The Radiodetection Difference

Commitment to the customer is the foundation of Radiodetection’s success. This, combined with design innovation and a skilled and dedicated workforce have produced a range of products that are an essential part of utility workers and contractors lives in over sixty countries throughout the world. Radiodetection maintains a strong practice of ongoing development of products and commercial research.

Every product in the Radiodetection range is designed and manufactured to the highest standards. Radiodetection’s manufacturing operations are ISO 9001 accredited, and our products benefit from a range of approvals in specific industries.

To back up this commitment to excellence, Radiodetection customers benefit from an extensive service and technical support program. With complete customer support, repair and parts facilities located around the globe, clients have access to “hands-on” advice and consulting.

Radiodetection RD8200 Locator Kits

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