RD5100-H20 Locator Kit

Radiodetection Underground Utility and Pipe Locator Kits

A precision locator/transmitter pair offering 83kHz Guidance mode and Power mode. 83kHz is very well suited to uses such as disjointed pipes and cables, as well as plastic pipes with tracer wire. The signal can be applied either by direct connection, by clamp or by induction, which is also an excellent way of lighting up all nearby conductors for blind locates.

RD5100-H2O (1-Watt) Underground Utility and Pipe Locator Kit

Kit Includes:

(1) RD-5100H2O Reciever Locator
(1) RD-TX1 One Watt Transmitter
(1) D-Cell Battery Pack Unit
(1) Direct Connection Leads
(1) Spiral Earth Stake
(1) Earth Reel Lead
(1) Computer Cable
(1) Connection Magnet
(1) 5-Five Inch Pipe Clamp
(1) Soft Equipment Bag

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