RD7100MRx RF Marker Locator Kits

RD7100-MRx Cable – Pipe – Marker Ball Locators and Kits

The RD7100-MRx marker locator enables users to locate most common RF utility markers. These are also referred to as Electronic Marker System (EMS) and Omni Markers™. RF markers are used to identify buried utilities and are generally located, at regular intervals, directly on top of the utility they are marking. The markers are passive devices which resonate at a specific frequency when energized by the marker locator. Each utility is identified by a specific frequency and color. Folding down the special marker loop antenna, on the front of the RD7100MRx locator, activates the Marker mode. In Marker mode, the locator can be used to locate a specific marker or to locate a buried conductor and a marker simultaneously.

Marker Mode:
To enter marker mode fold down the marker antenna loop. The locator will enter the Marker mode and display the marker icon and identify the marker selected.

Combined Mode:
In combined mode the locator is used to locate buried conductors (pipes or cables) and the selected marker simultaneously. In this mode, the left / right arrows indicate the buried conductor position while the bargraph, numeric display, and audio response indicate the amplitude of the received marker signal.

Single Mode:
Use this mode when locating a RF marker only, for example, when locating markers used with water or gas plastic utilities.

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