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Pipe & Cable Line Locators

U-Locate and U-Locate+ Utility Locator Kits

Schonstedt’s cable and pipe detectors (aka “utility locators”) have been setting the standard for reliability and dependability in locating buried pipes, sewers, cable, lines and wire—quickly and easily. Our cable and pipe detectors are extremely effective and versatile tools for locating utilities underground including cable TV lines, fiber optic lines, gas lines, irrigation lines, tracer wire, power lines, streetlight wiring, water lines and sewer lines. Cable and pipe detectors have both a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter induces an electric current that circulates through an object creating a magnetic field, which is then detected by the receiver.

Schonstedt offers two models of pipe and cable line locators


Trust, but verify. Scan an area for utilities before you dig. Does your job involve excavating in or around buried pipes and cables? Damaging buried utilities can be costly and dangerous. u-LOCATE allows you to quickly and accurately locate underground utilities, helping prevent costly damages, utility strikes, and service outages.

-Avoid hitting or damaging buried utilities
-Robust locator, designed for all types of weather and environments
-Easy to use, right when you need it
-Left/right arrows and audio signals help guide you towards the buried utility
-Discriminates between utilities and other buried materials – locate the utility you want
-Depth estimation at the press of a button
-Minimize downtime with online training videos and support
-u-LOCATE Locator Features
-High contrast screen
-Provides clarity even in bright sunlight

Headphone socket:
For improved audio isolation.

Rugged construction:
Shock resistant, casing protects against knocks, drops, water and dust. Light weight and ergonomic design for comfortable use.

High visibility:
Reflective design helps protect operators and equipment

U-LOCATE Transmitter Kit Features:

1-One Schonstedt U-Locate Locator
1-One Schonstedt U-Locate Transmitter
1-One Schonstedt U-Locate Accessories
*Earth Stake
*Direct Connection Leads

U-LOCATE+ Transmitter Kit Features:

1-One Schonstedt U-Locate+ Locator
1-One Schonstedt U-Locate+ Transmitter
1-One Schonstedt U-Locate+ Accessories
*Earth Stake
*Direct Connection Leads



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