Schonstedt Locator Kits

Multi-Purpose Combo Kits & Specialty Kits

Pipe and Utility Locator Kits

Schonstedt’s pipe and cable locators have been setting the standard for reliability and dependability in locating buried pipes, sewers, cable, lines and wire—quickly and easily.

Today, locating professionals often find themselves multi-tasking in the field, alternating between magnetic locating and pipe & cable locating. In response, Schonstedt now “bundles” locators and accessories as Kits in order to more closely match our products to your specific needs and applications, saving you time in the field as well as money—bundled locators are priced well below individually-purchased locators.

MPC Kits

Include both Magnetic & Pipe & Cable Locators

MPC (Multi-Purpose Combo) Kit
Magnetic AND Pipe & Cable Locators in one handy kit!

Speciality Kits

Pipe & Cable Locators optimized for specialty use


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