TDR & Network Analyser Products

TDR Time Domain Reflectometer / Network Analysis / Cable Test

A range of Cable Testers based on Time Domain Reflectometry, from First Line Repair through to Multifunction broadband network analyzers.

FLR First-Line Repair handheld cable test fault-finders are designed for first-line repair and less specialised field operatives where the requirement is accurate and consistent fault location on the most common types of field problems such as open and short circuits. It is used by telecoms, CATV and power segments.

ACT Advanced Cable Test Fault-finders combine high level functionality and TDR performance for the experienced user. The instruments are tailored for the telecoms, CATV and power markets. They provide advanced features such as dynamic horizontal and vertical zoom, large high resolution screens, return loss measurements, intuitive operation and full PC connectivity to simplify the fault finding process.

MNA Multifunction Network Analyzers test twisted pair quality, identify and locate faults, and troubleshoot noise and signal issues. These measurements offer a quick and thorough method to determine if the cabling is capable of supporting xDSL technology and for finding other signalling network issues.

6100 Series
In today’s connected world, getting your customers online and keeping them online is your number one priority. The new 6100 TDRs from Radiodetection are the perfect network analysis tools.

Lexxi T1660
Radiodetection’s Lexxi T1660 provides an unrivalled combination of performance, usability and economy. Radiodetection has created Lexxi T1660 by taking the easy-to-hold ergonomics familiar to users.

Obsolete Product Software
WaveView allows for connectivity between a PC and its supported products. WaveView supports the following products: 1205T 1205TX 1205C 1205CX 1270 Click the software link below to visit the software.

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