TDR Time Domain Reflectometer

TDR – Time Domain Reflectometer / Cable Test

A range of Cable Analyzers based on Time Domain Reflectometry, from First Line Repair, through Advanced TDRs, to Multi-Function Test Instruments.

First-Line Repair

Handheld cable test faultfind is designed for first-line repair and less specialised field operatives where the requirement is accurate and consistent fault location on the most common types of field problems such as open and short circuits. It is used by telecoms, CATV and power segments.

Advanced Cable Test

Advanced Cable Test Faultfind combines high level functionality and TDR performance for the experienced user. The instruments are tailored for the telecoms, CATV and power markets. They provide advanced features such as dynamic horizontal and vertical zoom, large high resolution screens, return loss measurements, intuitive operation and full PC connectivity to simplify the fault finding process.


Multi Function Cable Test has the highest level of functionality and can solve most POTS and XDSL problems. The products consist of all the most common field test instruments such as high resolution, TDR, resistive bridge, multimeter and ASDL in one compact unit. The products have advanced autotest and analysis features, full PC connectivity and provide a cost effective solution for the specialist field technician. They are designed for the telecoms market.

(TDR) Time Domain Reflectometer and Testers


1205CX-A Advanced CATV TDR

1270A Advanced CATV & Telecom TDR

3300 Dual Channel-Input Mid-Spec TDR

6000 Advanced Multifunction TDR

6000DSL Advanced Multifunction Broadband TDR